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What is DIW?

DIW is the ultimate blog for indie authors and readers! If you’re…

  • a reader looking for a new read
  • an author looking to get exposure

… then this is the resource for you!

We strive to be the best resource for everything indie. Our biggest and most popular feature is our featured indie authors – a service where we help promote and market indie authors, always free of charge. Our list of featured authors is growing every week. We promote authors and their books in every way we can, across all social networking platforms in order to give them the most exposure possible. It’s easy to be added to the list – just view the submission guidelines and submit your book to us! There are no hidden fees, and no catch, because we’re fellow indie writers, and we know how difficult it can be!

Along with promoting indie authors, we also aim to provide them with the most valuable resources possible. Every day, we share useful articles and blog posts from around the internet, including our own original content and experiences. We take time out of our day to answer questions from our followers and offer advice. We provide writers opportunities to get their pieces critiqued by other writers and readers, and we constantly promote contests and calls for work in a variety of genres.

But, we’re not just for the writers. We’re here for the readers, too! We encourage all readers to support indie authors by taking a look of our featured authors list, which is constantly growing and offers a variety of content in all genres. See something that strikes your fancy? Consider giving it a read and submitting a review to help support the author! You never know who could be your next favorite author, and with your help, they could become the next big thing!

DIW is growing more and more every day, and we’re always looking for the best ways to help our fellow indie writers. We encourage anyone to send us their suggestions and will take all ideas into consideration if it will benefit our followers and authors. Don’t be afraid to shoot us a message; we’d love to hear from you!

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