Discovering Indie Writer’s Anonymous Editing Program

In an effort to help shy, insecure, and anxious writers, DIW is now offering a free, anonymous editing service.  Before you send us your files, please review the following guidelines and instructions by clicking the link here.

Please note that we can only accept so many submissions at one time. Before sending us your file, please message us here or through our email ( to request the editing service, and we will let you know if we can accept your file or not. Please do not share a file with us without messaging first. Any files sent without a request will be deleted. This is just to ensure quality and timeliness in our edits.

Because this program was created for those with little editing experience and those of you who are a little more insecure and anxious about sharing your writing, we will do our best to provide edits in a friendly and kind manner. You might notice a lot of smiley faces – we find this is the best way to communicate through the internet, especially since things can easily be misinterpreted. We believe in critiquing to the best of our abilities to help you grow as a writer, while also remaining positive and constructive. You might often find that we use the compliment sandwich method – we will begin with something strong, suggest an edit, and end with a positive. This makes for a yummy, happy little critique, don’t you think?

Please keep in mind that more often than not, our edits are merely suggestions. You do not have to agree with them, and you do not have to include our mentioned edits in your piece, but as a writer, it is your responsibility to be open to these kinds of changes, now and in the future. This is meant to be a learning experience and give you a chance to practice sending your work out for editing. We will treat you with kindness and respect, always, and we ask that you also do the same for us.


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