Interview: Mira Day

As part of her blog tour for her newest novel, Playing House, Mira Day has agreed to do a brief interview with us where she shares her personal experiences as a new author. Click here to view her blog tour post and to preorder your copy of Playing House. If you would like to view her guest post, please click here.

1. As a new author, can you briefly explain how you went about getting published? Did you go the traditional, big publishing company route, or did you self-publish?

I decided to go with self-publishing. I felt that it gave me the freedom to learn and grow.

2. How did you come up with the idea to do a blog tour? Was it your own idea, or was this something your publisher/agent/editor/someone else suggested?

If you guys follow me anywhere (Facebook, Twitter or my website) I’m constantly praising my editor/mentor, Nanette Day. She told me I needed to look into them. I’m also a part of an Indie writing group on Facebook where a lot of the peeps on there discussed their success with blog touring. It seems like a no-brainer in this day and age, with the huge amount of technology we have at our fingertips.

3. Can you explain the process of putting together the blog tour? What have you learned? What do you wish you did differently, and what do you think went really well?

Haha, oh man, I’m still learning! I started off by looking up blogs for genres I thought Playing Housewould fit in. I reached out to many blogs and told them a little about myself and my story. The key is to totally be yourself, friendly and professional. People tend to think that writing and blogging are hobbies (grrr!) and don’t think about all the hard work both parties put into these crafts. You’re asking a blogger to take time out of their lives to help you. Treat them with respect and spread the word about their blogs. Take the time to read some posts and comment on it. You’ll be surprised what you run across. I will say that I wish I started earlier. I was so nervous to put my book out there that I procrastinated. Everyone’s response to me has been awesome and I think that’s the most successful thing so far.

**Editor’s Note: First off, I’d like to say that blogging totally is a lot of work! I don’t even get paid to do this. (I work my day job, 8-4, monday through friday, and then come home to jump right onto my laptop and work on this blog and my own writing. I even work through lunch or slow times at work on this blog, and I often spend weekends doing this as well. And, did I mention I do that all while taking care of my 1500 pound horse? But this isn’t about me ;)) But making this blog a priority was important to me. As a fellow indie writer, helping other writer’s like Mira has become a passion. I can attest to this – she did reach out to us in a friendly and professional way, and we were beyond excited that she thought of our little blog and to help her in any way we could. She was prompt in her emails, and speaking with her was very natural. Her personality certainly came through, and with every post and promotion we did for her, we felt that we grew a little closer each time. We are proud to be able to show her off here and hope she won’t forget our little corner of the world!

4. You call yourself a ‘new author’ but do you have any other published works, whether in print or online? (Even on websites such as tablo, fictionpress, smashwords, etc.) How do you think this has impacted your novel, Playing House? For example, if you are active in a writing website, do you think it has helped you grow a fan base, thus helping promote Playing House?

I actually do have two very short holiday themed stories already published—Finding the Christmas Spirit and Choking Cupid. Both have been a bit under the radar. I learned from those stories how to publish and the beginning work to do for Playing House. Even though they aren’t “huge” successes (yet!) they have been a stepping stone to understanding the business a bit more.

All of us here at DIW would like to give a big shout out and congratulations to Mira Day on her novel, Playing House. We wish you all the best, now and with your future projects, and are truly proud to have been able to feature you and your book here on our blog. Here’s to many more books, Mira! xox

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