About The Blog/Website….


Q. What exactly is DIW?

A. DIW (Discovering Indie Writers) is just as the name suggests. We are an independently run blog with the focus on promoting indie writers and their books with the intent that avid readers will discover a new world of books and writing and in turn, authors will gain new readers and fans.

Q. How do you promote indie authors and their books?

A. We promote through a submission-based process only. This means that, in order to be promoted, an author must officially submit their book to us. We ask the authors send us the link to their book (to be read or purchased) along with the title, their name or pen name, genre, summary, and book cover.

Q. That sounds like a lot of work and I don’t have time for that. Can’t I just send you my website and you can do all that yourself?

A. I hardly think it’s as much work as writing a full fledge novel. As an indie author, your job doesn’t end after your book is published. We’re offering a completely free service, which takes up our own time. It only takes a few minutes to send us the information we need. By doing so, we 1) will have the correct information with no errors and 2) will have your permission to promote your book(s). By sending us this information, it’s like signing a contract. You’re giving us the information we need and in turn, we are helping you promote your book. If we just went searching through your website, it becomes more of a gray area because you did not specifically submit the book to us. It just helps us from making a mistake and keeps things drama-free because we have your permission.

Q. So, how exactly does my book get promoted once I submit it to you?

A. We promote the heck out of your book in every way we can! Once we get the information, we make an official Tumblr post with appropriate tags so that it can be reblogged, liked, and shared. It also gets included in our official master list of indie books here on Tumblr and also on our WordPress site. But it doesn’t end there. We also promote on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We do all this for you (almost immediately if you submit on a weekend, or within 3-5 days during the week) after we receive your submission in hopes of providing you with the best exposure we can.

Q. What’s the catch? Is this free?

A. No catch. Cross my heart. Pinky promise. Totally, completely, absolutely free. We earn nothing off of authors, this blog, our website, or any of our social media pages. We are a team of indie authors and readers who donate our time out of the goodness of our own hearts. We know what it’s like to be a new, indie author. We know the struggles of getting your work out there and getting readers. This blog started because of that struggle, so now we do what we can to help out in any way we can. We are a writing family. A team. We have built friendships through this blog and a lot of loyal followers, and that’s reward enough.

Q. What else can you do to help indie authors get promoted?

A. We’re generally very flexible and open to ideas. In the past, we’ve been approached to do blog tours. In fact, Miss Mira Day had submitted her book to us and approached us a few months later with her book blog tour. Through the tour, we gave her book another round of promotions through all our social networking medias and had a beautiful banner displayed as well for the entire tour. She wrote a lovely guest article for us, we conducted a great interview, and just recently, she’s scheduled a book signing! (Not with us, but of course we promoted that, too!) We’ve hosted our own contests and gave out awards (Our First Annual DIW Indie Book Awards!) So please reach out to us if you have anything related to your book that we can do to help promote it.

Q. Does this blog post anything else besides books?

A. We sure do! Our goal is to not only help promote indie authors, but to be a great resource for all writers and readers. We offer a ton of content on all aspects of writing, including original posts, personal stories and experiences, our Writer’s on Writing series, anonymous editing, book reviews, contests, calls for submissions, and tons more! Articles on writing, editing, promoting – anything and everything you can think of. And, of course, our ask box is always open, so don’t be afraid to stop in and ask a question. We’re happy to give you any advice we can.

Sending Questions… (Tumblr only)

Q. I’m writing a story where my character’s best friend’s sister’s boyfriend was murdered and they find his body. How long until it decomposes?

A. Okay Google… how long until a body decomposes?
Siri… what happens when a body decomposes?
No, officer, I don’t have a dead body buried in my backyard, I swear…
But in all seriousness, we’re not doctors or scientists. In fact, we’ve never even seen the light of day and we hate garlic. Google is your best option for this, not us. If you ask us, we’ll just go to Google, and then suddenly we’re the ones getting arrested for being murderous vampires, and then there will be no one to promote your book anymore. Until someone else comes along and then sues us while we’re in jail for taking their idea, and then our lawyer will quit his job because who wants to represent murderous vampires, and we’ll be sentenced to death. All because you didn’t go to Google.
*Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean you will be arrested for being a murderous vampire. Just, you know, clear your search history, use incognito screens, never go out during the day, create a new identity for yourself, and leave the country…. we kid, of course. 🙂

Q. Should my main character be a girl or a boy or a two gendered t-rex clown?

A. Go with the t-rex clown.

Q. Can I ask you if you like cats?

A. Yes you can. And yes we like cats. Sorry, I like cats. I can’t speak for the rest of the team here. Katrina likes cats. Meow.

Q. Can I ask you guys questions about your own writing, your process, how you got published, etc.?

A. Yes! Please do! There’s a lot of different people with different experiences behind this blog and we’re always happy to share those experiences with you.

Q. Can I ask you what the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow is?

A. Please don’t. We’d rather not get questions that are unrelated to this blog. That’s not to say that we’re not friendly people who are open for a nice chat. We totally are. So if you don’t want to chat about writing, try us on our personal blogs.