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  • Reunion with the Colonel by A. M. Hooper

    Genre: Middle Eastern Fiction

    Amazon // B&N // Website // Reviews

    Aisha Larosa is stained by history. Born to parents expelled from Libya after the 1969 Libyan coup d’etat, her identification between conflicting national boundaries torments her in a Europe haunted by political violence.
    Aisha does the unthinkable. She returns to Tripoli in 1986, joined by a friend and armed with a pen. An agenda to rehabilitate Libya’s image has her searching for a country that no longer exists.

    Aisha believes Libya is more than Muammar Gaddafi. The stains have set in deeper than she thinks; the embrace of idyllic childhood memories and a friend’s console may not be enough to keep her from entangling with the history she seeks to surmount.

  • Legend of League Park

    by Amy Stilgenbauer

    Genre: New Adult

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    Gioia Rinaldi is the star pitcher of Tusky Valley’s Girl’s Softball Team, but she wants more. She wants to play professional baseball, but everyone around her says it’s impossible for a girl. When her brother is recruited to Cleveland’s farm team (The Akron Aeros), she wonders why he can have her dream and she cannot. She decides in college that she will work as hard as possible to play professional ball anyway.

    Audrey Dawson has been thrown for a loop as she learns that now her beloved father is sick with ALS. The only constant thing in her world is baseball and a love of the Detroit Tigers. In order to keep sports in her life, she decides to become a journalist covering baseball for the Wayne State newspaper but it’s not as easy as she would like.

    When their worlds suddenly collide, the girls find themselves fighting for their dreams and a little help from old stadium ghosts certainly won’t hurt matters any.

  • Season of the Witch

    by Amy Stilgenbauer

    Genre: Contemporary Fantasty

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Thousands of years ago, a terrible disaster drove a group of magical beings from their home into our world. Over time they scattered across the globe and their lore became distorted into legend. In 2012, a young girl makes a decision that sets into motion a series of events that may change the course of history forever.

  • What Does Your Smile Say About You? by Amy Stilgenbauer

    Genre: New Adult

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    There are four sororities at Summit University and with Rush fast approaching, each must clammer to solidify their social position. Accusations of dirty rushing, an inconsiderate ghost, and a leadership struggle between two powerful personalities could cause the whole thing to combust.

  • A Spirited Inheritance: A Family Ghost Story by Betty Mermelstein – Ebook Author on Amazon, Smashwords, and Lulu

    Genre: Fiction, Young Adult/Teen, Paranormal, Humor

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Teenager Karen, a budding entomologist, meets her ancestors in the hallway upstairs. The two of them have come back to ask for help in finding a scarab they lost in their house, in which Karen and her mother now live. Many humorous situations occur as the spirits follow Karen on her search. She also comes to better understand her mother in the process.

  • A Spirited Justice by Betty Mermelstein – Ebook Author on Amazon, Smashwords, and Lulu

    Genre: Fiction, Young Adult/Teen, Paranormal, Humor

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    In this sequel to A Spirited Inheritance: A Family Ghost Story, Karen is away at college for the first time. She decides she wants to be a reporter for the school newspaper, and in doing research for an article, discovers an old article about her great great great-grandfather, Thomas. His name was never cleared for supposedly stealing a horse trophy. He and his wife, Margaret, appear to Karen in the library from the afterlife, and she vows to right the wrong that was published about him. As in the first book, two ghosts in a modern world make for some very humorous situations.

  • Seven for Reflection by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Short Stories

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    These seven short stories delve into relationships, whether they are familial, with friends, or with strangers. They ask the reader to reflect upon each relationship and hopefully relate to one or more as having had a similar experience.

  • Kings Lake Discoveries by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Fiction, Mystery

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Jane and her brother, Chris, spend each summer at their family’s cottage on Kings Lake in Michigan in the 1950’s. They spend their time swimming and boating, but wonder about a strange man who lives across the road. He is seen coming down to the lake sometimes, but he rarely talks to people. That’s why they call him Strange-O. This summer, Chris finds a metal figure of a dolphin in his own family’s boathouse and discovers it fits onto their Chris Craft speedboat. The children keep it a secret for fear it will be taken away. Then, during the lakeshore Fourth of July celebration, something with the fireworks goes very wrong. What happens to help the situation shows the children that sometimes, surprisingly, people and things can be tied in together, including a special dolphin figure and a seemingly strange man.

  • A School Year of Caring by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Fiction

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Beth is a second grade teacher who deals with the realistic and sometimes humorous situations that are part of her class. She must make daily decisions concerning children who misbehave, who are often absent, whose skills are not progressing, and who suffer abuse at home. The consequences of reporting abuse turn violent for Beth, but she remains determined to do the right thing. When she meets a little boy in another class who resembles a past love, she is shocked to learn the boy’s father is indeed the man she left many years ago. Beth finds out whether restarting a relationship with him is the best thing for everyone involved or not.

  • Jib and Spinnaker: Sailors of the Low Seas by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Children

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Jib and Spinnaker are two little mice who fall into a swimming pool as they are being chased by a dog. They think they have fallen into the ocean, and as they try to get out, they encounter many pool toys and equipment that, to them, look like other strange things. How will they escape the waters of the deep?

  • Desert Sensations by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Children’s

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    A young boy describes his experiences with various desert phenomena. He traces the paths of lightning across a monsoon sky with his eyes and watches the world turn reddish brown as a dust storm approaches. He sees the sunset as the product of a giant squeezing tubes of paint from below the horizon and canyon walls as layers from the mud, sun, and parched-land years. The desert provides wonderful sensations for him to explore.

  • Wagon Wheels by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Children

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    A little girl collects a variety of items as she goes down the sidewalk with her wagon. With rhyming words and a predictable refrain, children can read/recite the words more easily.

  • Water Play by Betty Mermelstein

    Genre: Children

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Four friends use their imaginations as they spend the day in the waters of a lake playing King of the Hill on a raft, making mud shampoos, splashing each other, and pretending a motorboat is a pirate ship. Water Play is written in rhyming stanzas.

  • At First Touchby E Marie

    Genre: Romance, erotica, fantasy, action

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    Flames licked up the walls, engulfing the unfortunate homes as the wind carried with it the frantic screams of fleeing victims.
    As the chaos unfolds through the town past the tree-line behind her, 22 year old Salem wakes to find herself bloodied and bruised…lying amongst the trees with no memory of what happened. Fearing for her life, she turns her back on the danger, vanishing deeper into the night.

    The days that follow bring with them vivid dreams, charming strangers, and harrowing obstacles. Will our tantalizing heroine be able to piece together her missing memory…or will everything she struggled for fall to ashes at her feet?

  • The Lotus Caretaker by Emily Kirby

    Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

    Amazon // B&N // Website // Reviews

    When Nasrin Rezaei decided to sneak out of her foster home to watch a moonflower bloom, she never suspected she’d run into two different mummies fighting each other. Soon she is swept into a magical adventure trying to help Tiye, a mummy and the Lotus Caretaker of magical objects. As Nasrin learns about the magical world, her own power to control flowers, and hidden evil she also finds a way to regain the family both she and Tiye have lost in life.

  • The Silver Codex by Emily Kirby

    Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy

    Amazon // Barnes and Noble // Website // Reviews

    All Xarissa Silverstone wanted to do was to survive high school by keeping her head down. Yet somehow she has been chosen by the Muse of Horror to collect the horrifying true stories of her hometown, Centerville. These stories included a haunted drive thru, why vampires should never ever ever drink animal’s blood, in addition to the town’s inhabits of Hellions, Bronies, and spiritual leaders.
    As Xarissa writes more stories she is slowly noticing just how messed up her home really is, and what happens when evil is allowed to roam unopposed. She is going to have to find courage or all will be lost.

  • The Silver Codex IIby Emily Kirby

    Genre: Young Adult, Horror

    Amazon // B&N // Website // Reviews

    This is Xarissa Silverstone writing to you. Hanlowa and I have decided that I should be the one to write the summaries on the back of the books from now on. We had a nasty incident with the publishers involving shadow beasts and pie. That is a story for another day.
    The story you are about to read is where I get put into a coma by a demonic poison. Now my mind is trapped in the Dream Sphere, and even if I wake up, my dream powers will change forever.
    Meanwhile in Centerville we have Wiccans running for office, people playing with Ouija boards, a visit from the Angel of Death, and the true story of Genesis is told.
    On top of everything else Hanlowa has a question for me. If she actually gets around to asking it, the answer I give could change not only Centerville, but the entire world as well.

  • La Befana by Emily Kirby

    Genre: Christmas, Fantasy

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    You may have heard about the Italian witch La Befana, who delivers toys and candy to children on the Epiphany. However, you probably don’t know about her other duty, which is to battling the evil Krampus on Christmas Day. Can La Befana defeat Krampus to save the world this Christmas?

  • Between Yesterdays by Jessica Meats

    Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    The Defenders have to fight for their lives, and their world, on a daily basis. Whether it’s to defend against insatiably hungry mutations that don’t feel pain, or the well-meaning but ignorant Linears, they cannot rest until peace reigns. They have been fighting for so long they are not sure whether peace will ever be possible again. When a young woman arrives, claiming to be sent from the future to help them, the Defenders must determine if this is just another trap.

  • Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats

    Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Earth is at war. Portals are opening across the planet and bringing creatures known as Outsiders. Their only desire is to eat, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. The only people who can stop them are the Defenders led by Gareth Walker who can open portals of their own to target the Outsiders in minutes. Gareth s only advantage is an ability to see glimpses of his future. For the past decade the Defenders have held back the incursion, but now a new portal opens, bringing something that Gareth did not see coming. As he must find a way to stop this new threat, he starts a quest for answers. He must learn how the war began and find a way to stop them once and for all. All the while, he is aware of a shadow in his future a moment he can t see past. Will stopping the Outsiders cost him everything?

  • Chasing Shadows by K. N, Salustro

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Stand and Protect.

    Star Federation soldiers live by these words as they work to uphold peace across the galaxy. Founded at the start of the Andromedan War, the Star Federation annihilated its enemies and has gone unchallenged since then. Sometimes, powerful forces surface and demand more attention, be they drug lords, pirate crews, or bounty hunters worthy of Alpha Classification, but the Star Federation stands firm.

    Following the assassination of one of his subordinates, Fleet Commander Lance Ashburn goes on the hunt for the Alpha Class bounty hunter known as the Shadow. One of the best officers the Star Federation has ever seen, Commander Ashburn comes closer than anyone to eliminating the Shadow, but upon meeting her, he learns that a much larger and deadlier enemy roams the stars, one that could destroy the Star Federation.

    Caught between the Star Feds and her own dark past, bounty hunter Lissa a.k.a. the Shadow is pulled into a battle with no clean escape. With enemies on all sides, she must choose her allies very carefully. Her decisions could save the galaxy or plunge it into war, and this time, the price of enduring peace may be too high.

  • Calliope

    by Katrina Fiorella

    Genre: Fantasy

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    A woman stood in the center of the town, watching as the dust from the explosion lifted. Her golden eyes pierced the darkness and struck fear in the hearts of soldiers and citizens… She raised her arms above her, palms up towards an angry sky; a ball of fire grew from nothing between her palms. The flames flickered and danced… Soldiers rushed towards her with swords in hand, their battle cries rising above the frantic city. A flash of light struck the town… The soldiers threw their arms over their faces to shield their eyes until the light subsided. When their world dimmed, they peeked between their arms to see that the woman with fire had vanished…

    As a witch created only to do her master’s evil biddings, Calliope knew no other life. But when she finds herself feeling remorseful to the kingdom she has attacked, she decides to escape and start a new life for herself. Little does she know that she is being hunted; hunted by the master she betrayed, and hunted by a kingdom seeking revenge.

  • Sinkhole by Leo X Robertson*

    Genre: Experimental, Short Story, Black Comedy

    LuLu // Website // Reviews

    Sinkhole is a collection of stories, including:
    Dead Cats on Motorways: a father tries to work out if the family cat has been run over before his son comes home.

    The London Bus: an ordinary woman gives in to her compulsion to vie for the attention of apathetic bus passengers, going to deeper and darker lengths each time.

    Histopia: a near-future story of rebellion in a city populated almost exclusively by gay men.

    The Badass London Ex-Bitches and the Case of the Creepy Revenge Porn Guy: three women band together to find out who put their naked photos online.

  • Once Were Friendsby Mark Victor Young – * A Wattpad Mystery Thriller Hot List Top Ten Book *

    Genre: Fiction

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    If you think it’s hard to win back the one that got away, try doing it while you’re taking over her family’s company.

    To save the firm his father built, ambitious CEO Hal Mercer has to initiate a hostile takeover of industry giant D’Arville Industries.

    Owned by the family of the only woman he’s ever loved, Kate certainly isn’t going to stand by and let him destroy her family’s empire. If only she’d have dinner with him, he could make her understand his intentions. If Hal fails, it’s his family’s company that’s doomed, his employees who’ll lose their jobs. He can’t let that happen, but Hal isn’t used to having everyone counting on him like this.

    Problem is, it’s becoming less clear which is more important to him—winning the corporate battle of his life or the heart of the woman he loves.

  • Risk by Mark Victor Young – * A Wattpad Mystery Thriller Hot List Top Ten Book *

    Genre: Mystery, Detective

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    They’re the most unlikely detectives…

    Martin is a 38-year-old virgin marked for greatness by the insurance gods. In his professional life, he is paid to assess risk, but in his personal life he plays it safe. Experience has shown him that lonely is better than brokenhearted.

    George is a wannabe architect with white man’s dreadlocks. He risks his neck on the streets of Toronto every day as a bike courier, but his job is unchallenging and he chooses apathy over the risk of failure at what he really wants to do.

    When George tags along with Martin to investigate the scene of his latest claim, they stumble upon a burglary in process. Now they are being hunted by an unknown adversary who will stop at nothing to get what he’s after, forcing Martin and George into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which they must risk everything.

  • Angel of the Abyss by Melody Hewson

    Genre: Fantasy

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    This is a short story in the The Wolfcaller Chronicles collection.
    Born into a society where males are seen as a lesser and disposable species, and the females lead with callus brutality, a young kentaur colt must prove not only to his herd, but to himself, that he is more than his fate demands. This is the story of Jori the kentaur before he meets Nadirah.

  • Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath by Mia Mitns

    Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, African American, Paranormal

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    While out with friends, Jasiri, a fortune teller, reveals that Cinnia’s life will be turned upside down. Cinnia hopes it is due to a new job she is after at Sciecor, a company that she has long dreamed of working for. But she has no idea of the secrets that hide in their basement.

    A new neighbor moves in with a hidden agenda. Friendships change.

    Cinnia will realize that things may not be as they appear. Magic may not only belong to fairy tales. And we may not be alone.

    Will Sciecor still be the company of her dreams? Will she be able to live the life that destiny has seen? When she finds out what hides beneath.

  • Branded by Mika Fox

    Genre: YA/fantasy/romance/adventure

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Sora has always known loyalty. Above all else, she fights for the Order she belongs to, lives to protect it and its subjects; as an Asha, a warrior priestess, it’s what she was born for, after all. But things become more complicated when she is charged with the protection of a young girl, one whom there is more to than meets the eye. As Sora comes to know her, as well as the dangerously charming mercenary she is forced to work with, she finds that colors and shades of grey begin to seep into her previously black and white world. After years of simplicity and rules, the change is just as tempting as it is terrifying.Meanwhile, there is an old darkness on the rise, and as Sora discovers hidden sides of herself, she starts to realize that the world she thought she knew might not be as it seems. In the end, there will be nowhere to hide, and Sora’s loyalty, heart, and conviction will be put to the test.

  • Just Stay by Mika Fox

    Genre: YA/gay/relationship drama/contemporary

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    College really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least not for Seb, who spends most of his time studying and working hard, generally annoyed with people and all the dumb stuff they do. It’s what he does, and he’s pretty content with that.That is, until Evan stumbles into his life, one night. This enigmatic, charismatic guy that every girl on campus seems to be pining over, and whom Seb at first finds just as appealing as he does annoying.

    And just like that, everything changes.

  • Sweaters & Cigarettes by Mika Fox

    Genre: YA/gay/relationship drama/contemporary

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Theo can’t stop looking at Max. With those black clothes and piercings, and that sarcastic charm that’s enough to intimidate pretty much anyone, he’s not exactly what you would call ordinary. Especially not when Theo is as ordinary as it gets, for a high schooler, along with all the insecurity and awkwardness that comes with it.

    Basically, Max is everything Theo is not, but no matter how hard Theo tries, he can’t get him off his mind. He’s honestly crushing on him so hard, that it’s not even funny.

    Theo has never spoken to Max, has even tried to hate him, but when their paths actually cross, their first conversation takes a surprising turn. And before long, they both find themselves falling harder and faster than they ever could have anticipated.

  • Playing House by Mira Day

    Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, New Adult

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    Sometimes you have to do things differently in order to be happy.When Hannah Bishop discovers that her boyfriend Connor is cheating on her, she has no idea that breaking up with him will lead her to the happiness she deserves—even when Caleb Matthews, the city’s most eligible bachelor and a regular at the café where Hannah works, steps up to help her. Hannah uncovers secrets about the man she’s running from and the man who has become her hero, realizing that not everything in life is black and white. Sometimes you have to do things differently in order to be happy.

    Combining love and action, Playing House explores the secrets people keep and the personal choices everyone must make to achieve happiness.

  • The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk by Pete Buckley

    Genre: Adventure, Thriller

    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    When Russian Agent Yuri Medev is dispatched to New York City from his Siberian base to track down an evil crime boss known only as Nikovich; a chance meeting with beautiful young dance student Juli Regan and the discovery of murdered FBI Agent Martin Eisel, begin a manhunt across four states that leads only to a new mystery and an unexpected alliance with Eisels’s former partner.In a time of poor relations between their countries the two men must work together to outwit Nikovich and catch the real killer.

  • Misprinted: Bright Disease by S.Anon

    Genre: Scifi/Mystery

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Catsgrove Combs is a detective in 1920’s New York. He’s on a case to discover who murdered a lackluster author in cold blood, rocketing his book to the top of the charts. Whilst following a lead to an old warehouse things seem to be going well…Until a spaceman walks into the middle of the exchange and starts firing. Catsgrove Combs is no ordinary detective, he is perfectly aware he is a fictional character, and the walls between pages are breaking down. Can Cats find a way to solve the murder, avoid the various fictional dangers out to kill him and survive the night? Keep turning pages to find out.

  • Evelina: “Love you to Death” by Tim Pearsall


    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    Evelina is a mutation. Some would say an abomination. She feeds on the suffering of others, and her curse is longevity. Throughout the ages she is drawn to the miseries of mankind, where there is war and suffering you will find her. At times a warrior, a mercenary, an assassin, a whore.
    In modern London, Evelina tangles with an ordinary young couple and their lives are changed forever. The huntress becomes the hunted culminating in a showdown with the son of a former adversary. Flashbacks of her former life both illuminate and complicate her unnatural character. The pace is fast, the action bloody and furious.

  • Evelina 2: “We all die Alone” by Tim Pearsall


    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    This second instalment takes our characters to a whole new dimension, the Astral plane. Eve slashes a path to Calcutta, while Cairo falls foul of the ghosts of Malta. Susan loses her mind to Boss Bellini while Richard is lost in the wilderness of the dark continent. Expect much murder and mayhem!

  • Evelina 3: “First Kill” by Tim Pearsall


    Amazon // Website // Reviews

    Volume 3 in the rip-roaring supernatural adventure series sees Cairo lost and alone at the mercy of the ghosts of Malta. Susan’s mind invaded by the mad demon soul of Boss Bellini and Richard adrift in the African wilderness. While Eve travels to India to set up her own style of whore house.

  • The Sentinal Chronicles Volume 1, Issue 1 – Umeko Mikazuki by S.K-Brown

    Genre: Urban Fantasy / Young Adult

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    Summary: Everyone dies eventually, and Umeko Mikazuki knows that, but it doesn’t make the death of her mother any easier, especially not when that death is Umeko’s fault. At only eleven-years-old, Umeko tries to push past her issues and live the kind of life her mother would have wanted. Unfortunately, moving on isn’t so easy when her mind just won’t let her forget. Plagued by one memory in the form of constant nightmares, Umeko doesn’t believe herself to be strong enough to move past these demons on her own. If she wants to recover she’ll need to come out of her room and accept the help that has been offered to her.

  • The Zealous Servant by Xazz

    Genre: Dark Fantasy

    Read it // Website // Reviews

    The Fey Alliance is a country constantly at the cusp of war. Driven by the bloody war machine of the royal Le’Acard family the Alliance demands the sacrifice of all but one to ascend the throne of the Asuras. Prince Von is the middle child to the Asuras, and is an easy stepping stone for his older siblings in their grasp for the crown, an unremarkable blemish to their schemes. Or so they believe.

    After a two year absence Von’s d’aelar Spayar has returned from the east to help him stave off the growing storm everyone can feel coming. For Spayar its bad news after more bad news as he’s forced to play catch up after his two years away from the capital. He has to act quickly to not just protect himself and family, but also the man he loves, prince Von, from the Conflict that is to come. While Von’s siblings see him as trivial to their grand plans none of them discount Spayar’s dark cunning to not only survive but make sure the Le’Acard who holds his leash becomes Asuras.



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