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Reviewer Bios

If you would like one of these reviewers to review your book, please message DIW directly through Tumblr or at with a copy of your book. Reviews will be posted here but can also be posted on Amazon or Goodreads (or another website) at the author’s request.Reviewers are not to be contacted directly unless otherwise noted.


interested in: fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic, YA & children’s, occasional sci-fi
turn around time: ~ month for standard novels, ~ week for short stories and children’s
will not read: erotic or anything with a lot of detailed sex scenes or horror stories

She is an author herself and has an MFA in Writing. She has been published in a variety of literary magazines and journals and is self-published. She will review using a 5 star system and will review characters, plot, writing style, and the overall story. You can expect positive reviews along with constructive critiques.

Contact: via DIW



interested in: science fiction, fantasy (preference towards urban), and young adult.
turn around time: ~ month for standard novels
will not read: erotic or anything with excessive violence or horror

M will review using a 5 star system and will review cover art, formatting and editing, plot, and writing style. You can expect a balance of positive reviews and critiques.

Contact: via DIW