DIW offers a variety of services and advertising for a low fee to meet your needs. Our starting rates are as mentioned below. Please feel free to email us directly for more information.

We also advertise the services of other’s. If you’re looking for an editor, book designer, etc, you can check for those here as well.

Have a service you’d like advertised here? Click here for details.


DIW offers a variety of courses to help you improve your writing and step out of your comfort zone. We offer courses from writing to marketing and everything in between. Check back often to see what courses we have available to you and their start dates. Subscribe to DIW to be the first to know about upcoming courses.

Editing Services – CURRENTLY CLOSED

Freelance editors are available at DIW for a variety of genres, from short story collections and poetry books to novels. Rates start at $1 per page. Please inquire via email for more information.

Affiliates and Advertising 

Affiliates of DIW earn a variety of benefits for themselves and their blog, business, or website, including promotion on our own blog and website and across our social media accounts. DIW offers two kinds of affiliate programs:

  1. Free Affiliation or Ad Space: as a free affiliate, you do not have to pay any monthly fee to be promoted on our blog. However, you MUST, in exchange, promote our blog. Free Affiliates will get a link on our affiliates page as well as one promotion. Free ad space gives you a link on our services page.
  2. Paid Affiliation and Ad Space: as a paying affiliate, you will pay a monthly fee to be an affiliate of our blog. The benefits to this include: 1) a link on our affiliates page 2) a link on our main blog and website 3) promotions whenever you’d like, 4) ad space, and 5) partial ownership of the blog. As a partial owner, your payment goes into furthering the blog and offering incentives and awards to indie authors and writers. You will be offered opportunities to judge contests and be the final vote in choosing winners, and free advertising space on our blog and through future projects (magazines, books, posts, etc.) These terms are subjected to change and will be updated as necessary, and are open to negotiation.

We offer two rates for your choosing: 1) $10/month or 2) $100/year
These prices are subjected to change and will be updated as necessary.

The DIW Affiliate Program is open to anyone in the literature industry, including, but not limited to, authors and writers, editors, publishers, and agents.

If you would like to be considered for our affiliate program, please fill out the form below and submit it to us via the submission link or email us to ATTN: Affiliate Program

Your Name:
Your blog, website, or business title:
Please describe your blog, website, or business:
Which type of affiliation would you prefer? (Free or Paid)
     —> If paid, would you like to pay monthly, or for the year?
     —> (If monthly) Would you like to pay on a month-by-month basis, or pay in advanced for a select number of months?
(You will receive an invoice for your records)
Do you agree to our above mentioned terms?
Why should we consider you as an affiliate to our blog?


Beta Readers



Calligraphy Designs is now offering $20 book cover commission to DIW followers and beyond!

Self-publishing authors work hard to market their books, and the graphics they use to market them should reflect that.

I’ll work with you to create a custom book cover that fits your style and will draw a potential-reader’s eye. Drafts, revisions, source files, and high-res images all come to you for just $20.

If you need materials beyond just a cover (world map, social media banners, website graphics, etc.) I can provide that too at additional costs.

Any requests or inquiries can be emailed to


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